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Residential & Commercial wiring

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We Offer Electrical Solutions for All Your Residential and Commercial Needs:

Residential Subdivision Wiring & Finish

Professional wiring with a focus on clean finishes, efficient installation, and longevity. (We don’t cut corners to save on cost!)

Specialized in Ultra High End Homes

We specialize in detail oriented, high end lighting with clean and professional finishing.

Solar / Battery Backup Systems

We install PV SOLAR ELECTRIC systems that are personally designed for you. We custom tailor every design to provide maximum solar efficiency at the most affordable prices.

Home LED Strip Lighting/ Commercial LED Lighting

We are experts in LED lighting. We provide and track all applications from outdoor step lighting, to under cabinet lighting, pool lighting and more. Our designs focus on functionality and aesthetics.

Underground Utility Service Installation

We are specialists in underground electrical service installation. From long pipe runs to in ground boxes, we have the tools and knowledge to create sleek and hidden utility hookups.

Clean Wiring

Our wires have no twists! We plan our routes with 90 degree corners, use wire highways, and run our lines like circuitry.

Service Upgrades

Clean unistrut work offers functionality with a visual uplift. One day job! We have a great relationship with meco which leads to a fast turn around.

Pool Wiring

The electrical infrastructure for a pool is an essential part of pool design. Metta electric emphasizes planning out every step of the process to stay on time to complete the job, coordinate with other contractors, and create coveted final appearances of any and all electrical equipment.

Landscape Lighting

Experts in lighting design with functionality in mind.

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